pre-trial therapy

Understanding pre-trial therapy

In 2022, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) published new guidance for prosecutors and police on pre-trial therapy. This guidance replaces earlier 2002 guidance and aims to affirm the purpose of pre-trial therapy, the victim’s right to therapy, and how therapy notes are used in court or during an investigation. As a likely consequence of misunderstanding, […]

Recognising and working with someone who becomes triggered

What should I do if someone I’m working with becomes triggered? If you know there is a risk that they might become triggered beforehand, ask them what they would like to happen if it happens with you. It’s also a good idea to ask if there are any signs you should look out for to […]

Looking deeper into the reasons children in care ‘go missing’

From the time Jenny entered care aged 9 to leaving it again aged 14 she had been moved around 15 times. Her shortest stays were the odd respite placement, the longest were about 6 months. The reasons for the constant moves were varied; one family decided they were going to move to Florida and another […]

Freedom or loneliness?

I heard a quote recently that read ”When no one wakes you up in the morning and no one waits for you at night and you can do whatever you want, what do you call that, Freedom or loneliness?”  Immediately I thought of freedom; Having the ability to live your life however you wish with […]

Old stories, New perspectives

We’ve recently tried out some new ways of delivering our training at REIGN. For the past four years we’ve shared our experiences of CSE as part of our workshop in the same way – from beginning to end, as if reciting a script we’ve learned off by heart.  Whilst this has always worked for us, […]