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Elicia & Zoe have worked together in REIGN for over four years and have a growing professional relationship that values mutual respect, communication, and trust.

They are equally visionaries and engines; having bright ideas but also the stamina and passion to see them through to sustainable production.

Whilst opposites in many ways, they push each other to take REIGN in creative directions, thriving off each others energy at the high times and leaning on each other through any challenges, as good partners do.


presenters and volunteers


As a director of REIGN, I have been part of designing and delivering the organisation for almost five years. As well as my role at REIGN, I am also a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with experience of working with domestic abuse, sexual assault and mental health issues. I have a true passion for helping others and I try to use my skills and experiences to deliver support to different communities. I have faced many challenges as a young person with poverty and education and now I like to use my platform to encourage and be a voice for the younger generation to show that difficult situations can be the fire we need to help us reach our full potential and that our past never has to determine our future. Away from my professional role I enjoy being around friends, spending time with my dogs, and going on adventures.


I’m a person-centred therapist carrying out my placement working with adults in a rape-crisis centre. My passions lie around ensuring those who have experienced sexual violence are heard and are encountered with care, empathy and without judgement – this is something I can do both through my work with REIGN and as a therapist and I do so through a feminist lens. My background is as a qualified youth worker. So, I have an interest in supporting young people through their experiences of sexual violence and ending the norm of people not accessing support until later in adulthood. As a lesbian I also have an interest in the impact of sexual violence on the experience of sexuality, coming out and stigma. Aside from my work, I’m an avid reader, journaller and a passionate cook. I also like a bit of sci-fi every now and then followed by a good British drama.


I am a PhD student and Post Graduate Teaching Assistant in the social care and social work department at Manchester Metropolitan University. My research focuses on professionals working to address violence against women and girls who themselves have lived experience of stigmatised forms of victimhood. Before coming to REIGN I worked as a cartoonist/illustrator and art gallery assistant. I am passionate about feminism and have a special interest in the foster care system, autism, and complex trauma. When not focusing on all that, I enjoy ice skating, singing and playing the piano, and baking vegan treats.


My background is working with young people with autism and learning disabilities, both in the education system and in the community. I have a passion to educate individuals on CSE and the longstanding trauma it creates. I strongly believe the stereotypes of victims need to be broken. I have a particular interest in the complex and ever-expanding use of technology in CSE and the safety of children online. Outside of REIGN, I enjoy long walks with my dog, immersing myself in a book, spending time with family and friends and watching the sunset.


I'm Mia and I'm 21 and I began studying for my degree in Drama in September. I have a background in performing arts and have a passion for theatre. My aim for the future is to use theatre to educate those on CSA and CSE and mental illness but also to become a drama therapist or teacher. I believe that all children should be heard and that the stigma around CSA and CSE desperately needs to be broken. My other interests are anything Disney and pink.


I am a person of many interests and life is never dull. I enjoy volunteering my time for various projects and activities which hopefully help to create a nicer, safer world. I am writing a novel at the moment and do work for a couple of charitable organisations. I recently discovered how fun it is to grow food, and I have trays of seedlings on my windowsill. I love cats and books. I do Taekwondo (a martial art). I love nature. I am a 'life-long learner' and curious about many things.


Profile coming soon!

the Advisory Board


Judicial College

"REIGN gave a presentation for us at the Judicial college and were incredible. We all now feel so much more informed and able to understand the effect our decisions have on young people."
HHJ Andrew Berkley


"It was the most impressive day I’ve seen, and everyone got a huge amount out of it – staff and students.  Your facilitators were outstanding, and the exercises brilliant."
Chris Hemsley, Principal Practice Tutor