What makes a ‘good survivor’, or a perfect victim for seeking justice? Is it our physical appearance? Our emotional reactions? Is it based on how much we fought back? whether we accepted drugs, alcohol, or other items from the perpetrator? If you’re familiar with the concept of victim-blaming then the thought of these being factors […]

20 Life Lessons On Living Through a Pandemic After surviving CSE.

Back in February, Zoe and Elicia were excited to introduce four new members of the REIGN Collective. Everyone had been trained up, presenter bios had been added to our website, dates were set for delivering our first workshops together, and then every single booking was cancelled.  

Dirty words and karmageddon

Welcome to our first off-the-cuff ‘podcast’. Since we’ve been socially distancing, our usual chats have had to happen over Zoom calls, this time we thought we’d record it and invite you to listen. In our first upload, Elicia (hip) explains to Zoe (old school) about YouTube dramas, algorithms, filters, and what all this has to […]

Lockdown and Survivors

      When thinking about CSE (childhood sexual exploitation), it’s not hard to think of that cliched image of a young woman or girl handcuffed, tears streaming down her face and clearly trapped in a life of pain and suffering, and while this metaphor leaves me cringing and gritting my teeth, I cannot argue […]