Our History and Mission

REIGN began in 2016 when a small group of young survivors of CSE met through the youth charity RECLAIM. Each young woman had experienced failure from systems and services in their lives that had been set up to protect them. We all had a drive to fix these systems and change the stigma around CSE so that no other child would be failed in the same way. 

Many professionals are unsure how to approach the issue of CSE and lack confidence and understanding in how to respond to it effectively. Victim blaming and victim stigma is rife within society and professionals are not immune to stereotypes and assumptions which they are then at risk of taking into their practice.

As survivors, we realised our stories and insight had the power to impact professionals and challenge misconceptions, as well as improve services and how they are delivered.

REIGN has developed a unique training programme, giving professionals the chance to hear from survivors experiences directly, ask any questions they would not be able to find answers to elsewhere, and understand how CSE actually unfolded in a child’s life.

REIGN is completely survivor led and informed which is vital to our mission that the voices of those with lived experience should be at the forefront of improving health and social care practice.  In our collective, survivors are provided with the platform to lead training and be paid a professional fee for doing so, ensuring all REIGN trainers are respected and valued as experts.

REIGN works to strengthen the voices of survivors, dismantle stereotypes, and challenge the oppressive structures that allow abuse to thrive. Our motto is ‘Power; not pity’ and our mission is to transform the way society, systems and environments respond to and support those impacted by CSE/A.  


We believe in the power of empathy and in acting on it. We seek to understand and accommodate everyone, offering support and care, and leading by example.

The pursuit of justice is integral to our mission. We will embody equality and fairness in our work as we wish to see it in society and in law; where victims and perpetrators of abuse are fairly retributed.​

We are committed to being transparent and honest in the work we do. As a collective fighting against exploitation, our practice will reflect our ethics and we will hold ourselves to account.

REIGN is a creative space where everyone’s ideas are welcome. We love finding outside-the-box ways of working together and bringing ingenuity to our workshops and campaigns. 
The topic of CSE is serious but that doesn’t mean we can’t also have fun. 

We stand against discrimination, victimisation or harassment. We work with and support survivors of all backgrounds, identities and beliefs. Our organisation is a safe space for people to be who they are, irrespective of their politics, sexual orientation, abilities or disabilities, ethnic background, sex, or gender identity.


Bordesely Green Girls School

I have to say the workshop was one the most impressive workshops myself and the Head Teacher have witnessed. Your journey has been inspiring, you left an indelible impact on our students.
Rubina Jan, KS4 Pastoral Manager

rugby high school

The best training I have ever done and I’ve been teaching for over 16 years! People are numbed and jaded hearing the same old safeguarding training each year. Reign woke us up, reminded us that real people are affected by real issues every day.
Anon feedback from teaching staff