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REIGN’s bespoke training workshops are suitable for both professionals and students wishing to gain insight into child sexual abuse and exploitation from the perspective of survivors.

Our facilitators are also qualified professionals either working or researching in the fields of education, youth work, counselling, or health and social care. We take a unique approach to our training, combining lived-experience with up-to-date research and developments in CSE, trauma, and safeguarding. 

 We deliver nationwide to any size audience and adapt each workshop to fit your requirements.

All our workshops are developed and presented by a diverse group of survivors of child sexual abuse and other forms of exploitation, who have had some level of professional involvement in their lives.  

We use a mix of activities, story telling, games, demonstrations, and discussions to keep our training events fresh and memorable and to suit a variety of learning preferences. Our workshops are both impactful and fun to attend, turning a challenging subject matter into an engaging and memorable learning experience.  

 Please contact us with your training needs and we will provide a tailored assessment and training / consultancy proposal.

Take a read of the testimonials below to hear feedback from past workshop attendees. 


What is CSA and CSE?
How CSE is defined, where it fits within child sexual abuse, myths, stereotypes, statistics, and the law – All without the jargon.

Our Personal Stories – How it Happens.
An emotionally impactful and honest look at how and why CSA/E occurs and to whom, how abusers operate, how services have missed opportunities to help, mistakes that are commonly made, and what survivors need from services.

Question and Answer Panel
The opportunity for participants to ask us any questions or raise any concerns about CSA/E that we did not cover in the activities, talks, or discussions. This section is often regarded as the most valuable part of our workshops. It puts the attendees in control of their learning and ensures that all bases are covered.

‘Signs’ and ‘Risks’
A new, critical perspective on identifying children targeted for abuse and exploitation, the lesser known visual and behavioural clues and factors that may appear to increase a child’s chances of being targeted.  

Activities and approaches for Intervention and Support
Practical tips, skills, advice, tools, and approaches for working with victims, and an understanding for how to engage with a young person, build up trust, and not cause further damage. 

A Realistic Look at How Grooming Works
A view into what it’s like to be groomed and exploited, how grooming works, trauma bonding, and the reason some victims may not appear to recognise they are being abused. 

Language and Communication
How to talk and write about child sexual exploitation in an appropriate way, both when working directly with victims and families, or communicating with other professionals and writing notes and reports. 

The Barriers to Accessing Support 
What impedes victims and survivors from accessing and engaging in services and support, both from the side of the service and service user. How to overcome them. 

Working With Disclosure
The ways victims may disclose and why, What they need from you, and how best to respond. 

Trauma and The Long Term Effects of CSA/E
The practical and psychological impact of CSE on survivors long term, the difference that appropriate intervention and support can make, and  how to support survivor’s at any point after abuse. 

Victim Blaming and Victim Stigma
Addressing harmful thought patterns and misconceptions about victims of CSA/E, and how blame and stigma hinders prevention, support, and recovery, including mental illness diagnosis, criminalising, and labelling of victims. 

Our workshops can range in duration from a full day or two of training to a few hours. Two and a half hours is ideal to fit in a quality amount of training in a short amount of time, but this can be adapted to suit the needs of the day. 

For training under an hour long, please see presentations

To enquire about our fees and availability, or learn more about what we can offer, contact Zoe at:

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The whole workshop was brilliant and really well put together. Really engaging and it was obvious that you are all so passionate about helping us to try and improve and make changes that could save someone.

The workshop was great practice! And knowing that everything you’ve explained was based in experience really helps. You also got us to think about different people’s experiences in a very real way.

The discussions have been really relevant to my work with young people. I think it has been very valuable to hear your stories and hear how your experiences affected you. How you remembered professional input- how this has contributed in some cases to your anger and the experience being even more traumatic.

I have just received the training off REIGN for a new support worker role which I have just started. Before I had the training off these two girls, I wasn’t really aware of CSE and the implications it can have on young people's lives. I just wanted to say that without a shadow of a doubt, it is the BEST training I have ever received and I think that what they are doing is amazing and deserve all the credit they get for what they do!

It was amazing and so empowering to realise that victims should not be blamed. Brilliant interactive session, which uses fun activities to engage us and make us realise the severity of CSE.

The workshop kept me focused and interested from start to finish- all the presenters are outstanding and confident in their approach.