past REIGN campaigns


January 2018
Power not Pity was a series of survivor-led events, culminating in an evening hosted by REIGN which celebrated the strength, resilience, and abilities of survivors of child sexual abuse.

The celebration was a unique night showcasing music, performances, and speeches from survivors, an art gallery and auction to raise funds for our project,  and most importantly, it provided a space for survivors to feel safe and supported amongst allies and friends.

REIGN won the Spirit of Manchester ‘Most Inspiring Campaign’ award for our work on Power, Not Pity.

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December 2017
Power not Pity was a series of survivor-led events, culminating in an evening hosted by REIGN which celebrated the strength, resilience, and abilities of survivors of child sexual abuse.

REIGN produced an alternative Queen’s Speech video in collaboration with Rapport for release on Christmas day 2018.  Raising awareness and inspiring viewers into action for the new year.  

We spoke of how child sexual abuse is a hidden threat in our homes, on our streets, and in our schools, and how the perpetrators of this threat should not get away with the damage they cause.  2018 saw the launch of the #MeToo movement and REIGN were there to add their voices.


November 2017
The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls. REIGN took part in 2017 by producing a video every day discussing a topic relating to child sexual exploitation. We discuss trauma and mental health, media portrayals of CSE, how to build relationships with victims, busting myths around stereotypes, and much more.

All our videos can be viewed here >


September 2017
REIGN took part in the brand new campaign for raising awareness of child sexual abuse, started by a fellow activist and survivor.

We dressed up in purple and encouraged our friends and colleagues to do the same, encouraging people to question what we were doing and start a conversation with us about child sexual abuse, which is often the purple elephant in the room.

We publicised the event and our photos on social media and blogged about the day.

The campaign is set to grow in recognition each year.


July 2017
REIGN worked in collaboration with the Demand The Impossible 2017 cohort to create the public demonstration ‘Can You See Me?’  bringing attention to the plight of homelessness experienced by young people and the risk of CSE associated with it.

We performed the evocative demonstration in four busy locations across Manchester city centre.


April 2017
On the 17th of April 2017, seven digital billboards went up around major sites across Manchester, marking the launch of REIGN and telling the city to #EndTheSilence around child sexual abuse.

Flyers and posters were put up around public buildings and the billboards ran for several weeks. 

This was not just a message to survivors of CSE, but to anyone who may be the recipient of a disclosure, or the perpetrator of abuse. Our billboard was a fearless announcement that victims will no longer be silenced by shame.

A perpetrators greatest weapon is silence, so we hoped to inspire a change in attitudes, to turn our city into a place where speaking out about sexual exploitation is not just acceptable, but keenly encouraged.

The shame of the crime must be put back where it belongs – on the abusers.


Judicial College

"REIGN gave a presentation for us at the Judicial college and were incredible. We all now feel so much more informed and able to understand the effect our decisions have on young people."
HHJ Andrew Berkley


"It was the most impressive day I’ve seen, and everyone got a huge amount out of it – staff and students.  Your facilitators were outstanding, and the exercises brilliant."
Chris Hemsley, Principal Practice Tutor