St. Mary’s of Manchester

Last week, REIGN got the chance to meet with some of the staff at St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester. Some of us have been before under different circumstances and we often comment on what a vital resource St Mary’s is to Manchester in our workshops. Still, it was a great opportunity to look […]

To those who are ‘#MeToo’ but cannot say it.

You’ve probably seen it by now, the wave of survivors’ voices speaking out across the internet. In the wake of the Hollywood sexual exploitation revelations, the antics of Harvey Weinstein and the mass of female celebrities coming forward about him; women (and men) across the internet have come together to post, tweet, and share the hashtag […]

The Risk With ‘Vulnerable’

Start reading any article or literature about child sexual exploitation and you’re sure to come across the word ‘vulnerable’ pretty quickly. We often use it ourselves in our work with REIGN; vulnerable children, or children who are ‘at-risk’, but I have been thinking a lot about the connotations of such a descriptor and wondering why […]

The Law and CSE

In the UK there is no legal requirement to report any crime, only a moral and ethical duty. Child sexual exploitation is a form of child abuse, often characterised by a power imbalance in favour of the perpetrator, including but not limited to age, economic power and resources; sexual identity, physical and mental ability or […]

How to talk to a child experiencing CSE

When working with or caring for young people who have experienced Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), it can be difficult to know what questions to ask or approaches to take to help. It can be a hard subject to talk about and understand. It’s crucial that we overcome this taboo, but also that we know how […]