VACANCY – workshop facilitator and Administrative assistant


Hours: 16 hours a week at £12 an hour – 12 month starter contract 

Location: Open to UK wide applicants – Primarily remote working but with regular nation wide travel

REIGN is growing. We are looking for a victim/survivor of child sexual exploitation to join our survivor-lead organisation to help us improve the way services respond to child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSA/E).

About The REIGN Collective

We have operated as a community interest company for 4 years and use our experiences of CSA/E to educate professionals and wider society on how to safeguard and support children and improve the care offered to victims/survivors.

We believe in the value of expertise gained through lived experience, therefore, everyone at REIGN is a victim/survivor of CSA/E. By being a survivor-led organisation, we also break the stereotypes and misconceptions about survivors of abuse. 

Our main operations involve delivering training workshops all around the country (we hope you like trains), both online and in person, to a wide range of professionals that come into contact with children. These workshops are informed by our own lived experiences as well as some of our relevant professional backgrounds.

We also campaign to raise awareness around CSA/E, offer consultancy services, and deliver speeches at conferences and events. We seek to work collaboratively with services and organisations, closing the perceived divide between victims/survivors and professionals. 

By 2027 we have ambitions to be supporting victims/survivors directly by offering peer-led services such as counselling, mentoring, and support to build skills and connections that can aid our collective healing from sexual abuse. 

What we are looking for 

We are looking for a survivor of child sexual exploitation who is able to reflect on their own experiences and pull out lessons for professionals to help improve support and intervention services for children today. 

Along with developing and delivering our training services, our new team member will be asked to support REIGN with the typical admin tasks of any small social enterprise. Training will be provided. 

Working at REIGN means becoming a member of a collective that is supportive and passionate about changing the way children and young people are treated when subjected to this crime. 

In turn, REIGN will value your important contribution to our team and work with you to develop and grow your own skills, ideas, creativity, and knowledge. We succeed when you do. 

About the Role 

Training workshops:

Our workshops are delivered mainly to social workers both in practice and training (eg as university students), foster carers, school staff (eg safeguarding leads) occasionally to professionals working in policing and law, and other healthcare students and professionals such as nurses and therapists – the list goes on. 

We deliver our workshops in pairs or threes. They are usually a few hours to a full day in length. They involve lecture style presentations, games and activities, and demonstrations. We use our own experiences of CSA/E and professional interventions as examples or ‘case studies’ in our training.  You can find out more about REIGN’s training workshops here 

We would expect you to co-facilitate a minimum of two training workshops a month on average. 

Office based tasks: 

Running a small social business takes a lot of work. We are looking for someone who can support us with ANY of the following tasks: 

  • Developing and designing our training offers
  • Creating and uploading social media content 
  • Evaluating our social impact 
  • Finding and writing funding applications 
  • Marketing our training and building relationships with clients
  • Networking and finding opportunities for our professional development 
  • Research and keeping up to date with news and developments in CSA/E. 
  • Putting together reports, PowerPoints, and completing forms from funders, clients, suppliers, etc. 
  • WordPress website design and upkeep 
  • Attend four yearly board meetings 

Person specification 

Your qualifications:

We do not require you to have any formal qualifications to be considered for this role. However, having prior training and/or work experience in small business/third sector, education, or social care may go in your favour. 

Your ‘soft’ skills and personality traits: 

  • Reliability – this is essential when we are booked to deliver training. 
  • We need someone who is capable of taking initiative and working independently.
  • The ability to confidently present training to a large audience, or the genuine potential to build up that ability and confidence.
  • Self-reflective and capable of drawing lessons from your own experiences.
  • Be able to work well in a team and contribute to how our business develops. 

Your CSE experience: 

Ideally, we are seeking someone with experience of extra-familial sexual exploitation. By sexual exploitation we mean as a child under 18 you were coerced, manipulated or deceived into sexual activity in which the perpetrator(s) used grooming, threats, blackmail, or bribery against you, and/or the perpetrator(s) gained some kind of financial or social advantage by exploiting you. The sexual exploitation does not need to have involved any physical contact. 

Your self care:

Being part of The REIGN Collective involves working with the topic of our own and other’s abuse and trauma regularly. For this reason, we recommend you only apply if you feel confident and safe in your ability to manage the emotional demands and potential triggers of this work. We need you to be honest with yourself and us about how you are managing with the work. 

Our commitment to you

We understand that not everyone’s life can fit easily into the typical 9-5 work schedule. Your physical and mental health, family or caring responsibilities, studies, second jobs, cultural holidays, personally enriching opportunities, etc. are all things we will be keen to accommodate where we can. 

We also understand that when working for REIGN as an expert by experience, you will be required to bring more of yourself than you would to any typical job. Whilst this can be demanding, we also find it empowering and rewarding. We all have good days and difficult days and as fellow colleagues and fellow survivors, we put supporting each other and taking care of our wellbeing first and foremost.  We work very transparently and hold ourselves accountable and we want you to work with us, not for us.


Please send a cover letter telling us about yourself and how you meet our job specification.

Please also send a CV – (Please know that we are aware of how living with trauma and experiencing abuse in childhood can impact your education and work experience.)

Please also share anything else that may demonstrate the skills and abilities we are looking for, eg. a portfolio of prior work, blog posts, social media posts, videos, written work, creative work, etc.  This can be shared as links in the body of your email or as attached documents. Please give explanations to anything that isn’t self explanatory. 

Send your application via email to

Applications will close on the 12th of June but WE MAY CLOSE APPLICATIONS EARLIER if applicant numbers are high, so do not delay.  

We will let you know if you are being invited to an interview from the 14th of June. 

If you have any questions about the role, please email