rugby high school

The best training I have ever done and I’ve been teaching for over 16 years! People are numbed and jaded hearing the same old safeguarding training each year. Reign woke us up, reminded us that real people are affected by real issues every day.
Anon feedback from teaching staff

I have just received the training off REIGN for a new support worker role which I have just started. Before I had the training off these two girls, I wasn’t really aware of CSE and the implications it can have on young people’s lives. I just wanted to say that without a shadow of a doubt, it is the BEST training I have ever received and I think that what they are doing is amazing and deserve all the credit they get for what they do!

Frontline fellowship

The survivor presentations and own accounts were excellent, thought-provoking, and emotive. I work daily with young people at risk who have experience CSE, I will forever have both of your accounts in mind when I am undertaking direct work in the future. You are both amazing.
Practicing social worker

NHS residential staff

I attended the conference in stoke on Wednesday with REIGN and was very profound and eye-opening. It needs to be a mandatory course for health and social care professionals. 
Mark Colley

The workshop kept me focused and interested from start to finish- all the presenters are outstanding and confident in their approach.

It was amazing and so empowering to realise that victims should not be blamed. Brilliant interactive session, which uses fun activities to engage us and make us realise the severity of CSE.

The discussions have been really relevant to my work with young people. I think it has been very valuable to hear your stories and hear how your experiences affected you. How you remembered professional input- how this has contributed in some cases to your anger and the experience being even more traumatic.

The whole workshop was brilliant and really well put together. Really engaging and it was obvious that you are all so passionate about helping us to try and improve and make changes that could save someone.

The workshop was great practice! And knowing that everything you’ve explained was based in experience really helps. You also got us to think about different people’s experiences in a very real way.

social work student

Having training delivered by people who were experts through experience was really inspiring. The Q&A panel was particularly interesting and the whole session was really varied and engaging throughout.
Anonymous student feedback

Local Family justice board

 It is a very long time since I attended a training event that inspired me and continues to make me think about how I do my job. I thought the presentation was clear, direct and extremely powerful. The exercises you engaged us in did the job of demonstrating the issues you raised so eloquently. I appreciated the warm, fun and professional tone of your delivery.
Amanda Booth, Team Manager

Manchester metropolitan university

The whole session was valuable in that we were able to understand CSE from a survivor’s perspective. It helped me to adjust my understanding and thinking process with regards to CSE.
Social work BA student

Bordesely Green Girls School

I have to say the workshop was one the most impressive workshops myself and the Head Teacher have witnessed. Your journey has been inspiring, you left an indelible impact on our students.
Rubina Jan, KS4 Pastoral Manager


“It was the most impressive day I’ve seen, and everyone got a huge amount out of it – staff and students.  Your facilitators were outstanding, and the exercises brilliant.”
Chris Hemsley, Principal Practice Tutor

Judicial College

“REIGN gave a presentation for us at the Judicial college and were incredible. We all now feel so much more informed and able to understand the effect our decisions have on young people.”
HHJ Andrew Berkley