All the way back in 2018, REIGN launched Power Not Pity, a campaign to celebrate the strength, power, and wisdom of survivors of CSE/A.

In March 2024, REIGN reaches its 5 year mark as a CIC and we’re celebrating by bringing Power Not Pity: 6 Years On, a series of small-scale events in Rochdale throughout March, ending in one big event for all.

We’re using REIGN’s birthday month to spark change and highlight the need to join together to truly tackle CSE/A by holding honest conversations and working in unison across communities, agencies and groups.

Each event is designed to spark dialogue and inspire change within our community. We’ve got a diverse lineup, from art expression sessions to offering taster workshops for alternative trauma coping mechanisms. These sessions are designed to be inclusive and our aim is to provide a platform for survivors and allies alike to connect and learn together. 

The culmination of our efforts will be a significant event on the 21st of March which will wrap up Power not Pity: 6 Years on. It promises to be an evening filled with meaningful conversations, shared reflections, and a collective vision for the future of Rochdale and Greater Manchester. And, of course, we’re going to celebrate REIGN’s journey as a collective, our achievements in and out of Manchester, and give a little sneak peak of what’s to come for us as an organisation.

We must work together in understanding and changing the way we respond to this crime but most importantly we have to listen and give power to survivors, who know CSE better than anyone.

All of our events are FREE, with an option to donate. Click the ‘Book Now’ button below for more information on individual events and to book tickets.

We’d love to see you there!

Support REIGN & Power Not Pity: 6 Years On!

We couldn’t do the work we do without your continued support. Big or small, REIGN are grateful for any contribution you can give. All the events for Power Not Pity: 6 Years on are free with an option to donate so that they’re accessible for all.

Donations will go towards covering travel costs for survivors wanting to attend on low income, venue decor and furnishing, refreshments and catering, or supporting REIGN’s future and the important work that we do.