When an abuser dies

It can be a very stressful and disorientating time for survivors when their abuser dies. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the death, be it a pedophile grandfather finally passing from old age, or a mysterious apparent suicide in jail right before a high profile trial, it’s not likely to be easy on the victims they left […]

What Survivors Taught Me

Sometimes talking to another survivor for 10 minutes can do you more good than sitting through ten months of therapy.  I mean no disrespect to the counsellors I have worked with in my life, I’m grateful to the good ones, (not so much the shit ones). However, in the spirit of congruence, I’m here to […]

Surviving Sexual Violence Then Working In It. How Do You Cope?

I work as a campaigner and educator around sexual abuse. I follow many survivors and activists on social media who speak out about their experiences and I also research the topic as part of my Ph.D. studies. My life pretty much revolves around sexual abuse. In that way, it is quite similar to my childhood. […]

GREAT Manchester run 2020

Challenge yourself to take part in the Great Manchester Run this year and do something amazing- RUN it for REIGN! ‘The REIGN Collective’ is a small, Manchester-based social enterprise made up of survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and we need help raising funds to continue our vital work.  Find out more about what […]