Four types of responses you receive when you speak from lived-experience.

Have you ever been to a conference or training day and listened to a trauma survivor speak from lived experience? (The chances are you have, REIGN were the speakers, and that’s how you’re reading this blog now. – Hello! Thanks for staying in touch.) The ‘lived-experience slot’ is a feature of many large and small […]

When an abuser dies

It can be a very stressful and disorientating time for survivors when their abuser dies. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the death, be it a pedophile grandfather finally passing from old age, or a mysterious apparent suicide in jail right before a high profile trial, it’s not likely to be easy on the victims they left […]

What Survivors Taught Me

Sometimes talking to another survivor for 10 minutes can do you more good than sitting through ten months of therapy.  I mean no disrespect to the counsellors I have worked with in my life, I’m grateful to the good ones, (not so much the shit ones). However, in the spirit of congruence, I’m here to […]

Surviving Sexual Violence Then Working In It. How Do You Cope?

        There are many jobs that require professionals to bear witness to the worst of humanity, this can be first hand on the front lines or secondarily through hearing accounts in courtrooms, therapists’ offices, multi-agency meetings, or sitting at a desk reading through paperwork. Vicarious trauma is a well-studied phenomenon where learning […]

GREAT Manchester run 2020

Challenge yourself to take part in the Great Manchester Run this year and do something amazing- RUN it for REIGN! ‘The REIGN Collective’ is a small, Manchester-based social enterprise made up of survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and we need help raising funds to continue our vital work.  Find out more about what […]